The one where I just don’t give a shit!

I’m trying to put into words what I’m feeling about regarding twitter.  I fell out of love with twitter a long time ago but I pop on daily just to see how things are going. Every time I do there’s someone having a  row with someone else- everyone is on a ‘campaign’ to ban/bash someone or some brand. It’s all a bit mob-ish isn’t it? Someone somewhere takes offence and they don’t see any problems with completely destroying the person they don’t agree with online. Because *looks to make sure no one is listening* It doesn’t really count if you say it online.

I mean really do these people even stop for one second before typing the horrible things?  I wonder if it’s because we can type so much faster than we can write long hand. If we had to take pen to paper and write our angry thoughts down I bet we’d think twice before finishing the letter.

So many times I log onto Twitter to find someone rowing with someone else. The ugliness is sometimes shocking. The passive aggressiveness of  tweets are sometimes just as bad.  I just want to shout- shut up! shut! up! fuck off! fuck! off!  shut! the! fuck! up!  But I don’t as it’s not my fight and I don’t want to become a target. Not that I would as I’m just a lowly blogger.

This week it’s been the campaign against some rag for suggesting Kate should start thinking about diet and exercise 1 day after giving birth- suddenly Twitter is  heaving with tweets and retweets of people who are outraged! OUTRAGED they tweet over and over and over again.

All I can think is… meh. who the fuck cares.

It was good to see her with a tummy after giving birth- it proves she’s normal but that’s about where any similarities end. She’s the mother of the future king. She went to a private school costing £26k per year- that’s more than most people make in a year. Her parents paid that x3!  Her parents are loaded. Her in-laws are even more loaded. She comes from money, married money- she is money.  The fact that she isn’t royalty shouldn’t make a difference.

She ain’t like us girls.  No matter how many times you tweet that picture of your pregnancy ravaged tummy you will never be like Kate. She will never be like you.

You know those yummy mummies? Those mums who drop their kids off at school and go straight to the gym followed by lunch then a mani/pedi before picking up the kids from school? Do you know those mums who although they don’t work they’re not home cleaning or cooking- they have help for that. I know some of those mummies and although they’re lovely people I’ll never be like them and they will never be like me. At some fundamental level we are different.  Kate is like the Cheshire mums I’ve met but obviously raised to the 10th power. I can’t relate to her and she wouldn’t be able to relate to me even if she wasn’t The Duchess.

Anyway I’m not sure where this post is going- I guess I just wanted to say meh- get off your soapbox. I suppose that will never happen- twitter is the modern version of a soap box and unless we log off we’re stuck listening to whoever is standing on it at the moment.