Kitchen Remodel: Day 2- Demolition

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The doorbell rang at 8 am this morning and I wasn’t completely ready for it. I mean I was- the kitchen was empty and our ‘make do’ kitchen was ready but I wasn’t quite ready for the reality of builders descending on us.  At one point we had around 8 men doing all sorts of things in there.



I hung around downstairs until around 10:30 keeping an eye on them and generally keeping an eye on things. I finally decided I should go upstairs and get some work done. They’re fast workers these guys- by around 3pm they were done and going home for the day. I was told that the guys ripping up the floor would be by soon. I came home after picking up Squidge and I could hear that he was hard at work. My good lord the noise the jackhammer makes! Still I guess they’re a bit ahead of schedule as Stan (the kitchen man) said they would be starting tomorrow.

Wal and I also popped into Howdens to finalise some of our choices-  we’re going for plain gloss white cabinets and long t-bar brushed chrome handles- I can’t decide if I like the long handles or the short handle. I’m leaning to the long ones.  We also talked ovens, hobs, floors and extractor fans- I’ll be sharing my choices and  asking for advice later in the week.

By the time they left the kitchen looked like this…

day2 kitchen


looking forward to tomorrow!

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    • Lindy
      October 4, 2013 /

      it looks… a mess!