What I did on my summer vacation…


Remember when you used to dream of summer vacation? I remember day dreaming of summer vacation starting in early May and it wouldn’t let up until it actually arrived. An entire summer to do nothing at all! It was the best ever ever ever.  As an adult summer vacations aren’t what they used to be -obviously!  Also English school holiday’s and American summer vacations are a different animal all together!   Where in America you get almost 3 months off here we get 5 weeks!  I think educationally 5 weeks is better as you don’t forget soo much over the summer but for a kids point of view 3 MONTHS IS AWESOME! I remember being bored out of my mind during summer vacation. I also remember some of the best moments of my life during summer vacation- endless days at the beach, riding my bike until I couldn’t ride it any more. Hanging out at the hurricane dykes when I wasn’t supposed and hoping that someone’s mom wouldn’t see us and report back to my mom.  That’s how it worked back then- collective watching of all the neighborhood kids. If my friend Paula’s mum saw me doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing it was JUST as bad as if my own mom had seen me do it. Anyhoo I’m going off track here,  summer vacation.

This year we had a proper summer vacation.  My friend Sally asked if I was interested in sharing a cottage on Cape Cod with her this summer. She’d been offered the chance to review a cottage and thought of us. I don’t think she finished the sentence before I was saying hells yes!  Although I’m a New England girl born and bred and grew up a 30 minute drive to Cape Cod I still think it’s an amazingly magical place to spend the summer. So over the course of a few months we emailed each other links to cottages and I’d give advice on location… beaches… traffic issues. We finally settled on a cottage on a pond in Chatham.  To be completely honest if I had been on my own I wouldn’t have chosen one by a pond I’d have gone for oceanfront but that’s the good thing about going on vacation with someone else- you make compromises.  In this case compromise was good very very good!

One of the first things our girls did was head to the dock and jump in the paddle boat and paddle around Ryder Pond and that pretty much set the tone for the entire week!


If you ask Squidge what her favourite thing she did during her summer vacation she shouts EVERYTHING! Then says but especially the midnight paddle around the pond. Well it wasn’t really midnight but it was dark and they had a blast! Wal followed close by in the row boat keeping an eye on them. They took a torch, some treats and a book and had a grand old time.

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The cottage was a dream and Wal and I both said we’d love to transport it to the UK and live in it  but then we decided we just needed to buy it and come over every summer for the entire month of August.

The main cottage was a 2 bedroom 2 bath single story cottage with an open plan living/dining/kitchen. It was fab-u-lous! There was also a wrap around porch with a patio table and chairs, BBQ and two sun loungers. The cottage was completely kitted out for a week long beach vacation. We stayed in the little cottage just a quick walk away. It was private and had plenty of room although no bathroom but with a bit of planning this wasn’t a problem.  A weeks rental is $3000 and Homeaway gave us (Sally) 50% off the cottage rental.  We paid for our own flights over and all food/drink was provided by us.

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It was a packed week and yet still very relaxing! We went whale watching and unlike 5 yrs ago we actually saw some whales this time- Woot!  The obligatory trip to P-town where I had a malasada and Cuffy’s was also in order. Copious amounts of ice cream was eaten. Squidge’s favorite shop was a Pirate shop where she got to buy a  bag of booty and got a free ankle bracelet.  I of course had to go to the Black Dog. I just love that place and have to buy something from there every single time I visit the cape.  We also popped over to Martha’s Vineyard for the day but that’s a story for another day. There are just too many things to list and every last thing we did was fab!   Including a not soo fabulous fish and chip meal at The Captains Table  but that’s not to say I didn’t eat every last bit of it! The food was OK and you didn’t pay over the odds for it and to me that made it all the  better!  Sometimes you just want a plate of fried fish  and that’s ok!

I can’t recommend Cape Cod enough as a family destination. It’s laid back and yet still has loads to do. It’s just a week of just being and I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer vacation.

I also want give a great big THANK YOU to Sally for thinking of us when the opportunity arose for her to review a summer cottage on Cape Cod. We had a vacation we won’t soon forget. I don’t think I laughed so much in a long time. Tis a rare thing to be able to share a somewhat skewed sense of humor with someone. To take the piss out of someone and no feeling being hurt. It’s a special thing to have two very different and yet very similar girls spend a week together and not fall out- I’m talking about Squidge and Flea but it could just as easily be me and Sally.