7 Days of Selfies…join me!

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Oooh I’m soo excited about my new project! For years I’ve taken part in a 7 Days self-portrait project over on Flickr and this December it will be the last one. I asked Sarah who has run it for the last 7 years if I could continue doing it on  my blog and she said yes- hurrah!!

I love the idea of a 7 Day self-portrait project. If you’re like me and have the attention span of a newt the thought of doing a year of self portraits is just too much! I’d be setting myself up to fail and who wants that?!?!?  Not me, that’s who!  Now 7 Days of Selfies totally my speed!


So let’s get going! The rules are as follows

  • Take a self-portrait every day
  • Tag it with “7Selfies” and “7Selfies:x”, where x represents the day. For example on day 1, you’d use the tags: 7Selfies” and “7Selfies:1”
  • There will be one theme day during the week. You are free to interpret it however you wish.
  • Instagram or Tweet your photo using the #7Selfies hashtag
  • You don’t have to post a blog post every day (but can if you want!) Day 7 is posting day- a round-up of your 7Selfies photos.  Don’t forget to come back here and your link so I can come and check you out!  It’s also great to spread the comment love. Remember it’s better to give than to receive! *cough* receiving is great too!
  • It’s a self-portrait so remember YOU should be setting things in motion- press the shutter, set the timer or clicking the mouse!!
  • Be imaginative. Fingers, feet or fanny’s (eer not the British variety!) anything goes as long as it’s you. Although it would be nice to see your face during the week it’s totally not a requirement.
  • Where’s Wally?? You don’t have to be alone in the picture but you do need to be in there somewhere. Remember to have fun and get creative.

Start date is tomorrow so mark your calendars and let’s get snapping!!


me wedding day


Also, Thanks Sarah for letting me continue the 7 Days project in my own slightly altered way!

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  1. October 11, 2013 /

    Sounds like a great idea – I never take selfies as I generally don’t like the way I look in photos. This might push me into taking more. Then again I might be too nervous to take part…. I don’t know….
    Ruth (geekmummy) recently posted…All about the geekdaughter at 6My Profile

    • Lindy
      October 11, 2013 /

      Do it! When you’re dead your kids will mind a lot that there aren’t any pictures of you.

  2. kelloggsville
    October 12, 2013 /

    I’m in, late, but in!

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