Kitchen Remodel: Day 11

kitchen remodel badge


Wow day 11 already! It was all fast and furious the first week. Ripped out the kitchen and jackhammered out the floor. They then poured the put the new floor down and all sorts of levels of this and that to keep the damp out and conform with building regulations. The concrete was then poured on top of all that.

So some things we learned so far; when you buy a 1930’s house with an extension be prepared for the extension to be shit.  Building regulations in the 1950’s were shocking apparently. One of my main complaints about the kitchen was that it was so very cold and damp. Well we now know why- there was ZERO insulation- just two courses of  bricks. The mold that was behind the cabinets was shocking. Dust. People warn you about it but you don’t really understand until you live through it. It’s a little bit like childbirth.

 window being bricked up inside

delivery of bricks


So a proper update with pictures and everything! Woot!!  So on day 11 we are we? As I’m typing this the brickies are finishing up bricking up the window that was above the sink.  They’ve removed the bricks above the RSJ we’re raising up. The floor has been poured and the concrete is dry.  There is scaffolding up around the extension in preparations for the roof  work. Phew that sounds like a lot of work and it is! When they’re here it’s full on and an amazing amount of works gets done. The concrete was poured on a Wednesday morning and that was them done for the week. I was a bit antsy about that but I suppose you can’t really do anything if the concrete hasn’t dried.

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