Kitchen Remodel: How we’re dealing

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One of the questions people ask all the time when I tell them we’re living through a 5+ week whole kitchen remodel is ‘how are you dealing not being able to cook?’ or ‘ ooooh 5 weeks of takeaways lucky you- do you have Just Eat bookmarked?’.  After telling them there’s a (Just Eat) app for that I go on to explain we’ve only had one takeaway and that was because I forgot to thaw anything out and was too late and I was too tired after a full day of work.

So how are we managing? It took a bit of planning but we’re doing ok.  We’ve basically decamped into the dining room. We’ve got a cooking station- table top induction hob and a slow cooker on our dining room table. Then we have a toaster, microwave and kettle on the sideboard. I also have a ‘pantry’ shelf with all of our crockery and food. It’s really working out fine. The only thing I’m  missing is an oven but we’re adjusting well.

dirty dishes bathtub

The one area where I am NOT dealing well with is dishes! I have a bucket in our make do kitchen and I keep the dishes soaking in there until the bucket is full. I then take it upstairs and wash the dishes in the tub.  To say this is not fun job just doesn’t have enough strength behind it. I hate it. It’s a ball ache. I bought paper plates to try to cut down on the dishes and STILL the damn bucket is always full of dirty dishes. Because I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire I *might* have washed the dishes butt naked after taking a shower. It was quicker and easier and I *might* be planning on doing that again.

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  1. Sarah
    October 3, 2013 /

    Hehe, you gotta do what you gotta do! Good luck with everything; we were longing for oven-cooked food by the end of our kitchen renovation.
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    • Lindy
      October 4, 2013 /

      Yep- I made spag bol tonight and was about to pull out the frozen garlic bread then thought oh no I don’t have an oven! Ah well best not to eat bread, right? *weeps*