This Old House- living room

So I bet you’re all wondering where my kitchen remodel updates are, they’re here, in my head. I’ll got weeks 2 and 3 on the go and will update as soon as I can. In the mean time what’s going on with the rest of the house? Well I’m going to tell you!

The living room is pretty much done if you don’t take into account that we have yet to decide on the style of gas fire we want. We’ve got our fireplace mantle which I love and picked up for a fiver on ebay- score! ¬†The insert is another matter. I want a pretty modern room and a lot of the fireplaces we see are either too modern with the hole in the wall style or too victorian. ¬†Finding something that’s somewhere in the middle is proving tricky.


Now ignore the fireplace surrounds and look at just the inserts- we’re going with a gas fire and would like the most efficient one we can afford. I like the first one w/ the steel half circle insert. I think w/ the surround we have it will be a nice old/modern juxtaposition.

Which one to you like best?



Fireplace inserts