Tesco Choc


I love chocolate. No, I mean I really really love chocolate. I love chocolate so much I don’t allow any in the house. What you might be asking does your family think about that little rule?!?!? Well I can say they don’t think much of it but they love me so they put up with me.

You can imagine their excitement when some lovely chocolates popped through the letterbox (oh OK the postie delivered it but I’m being all artistic here with my license).  They were a little bit like bloodhounds and smelled that there was chocolate in the house in lightening speed!

Tesco has a new range of chocolates – the whole range is made with high-quality ingredients by the very same chocolatiers behind Hotel Chocolat and Harrods.  Laaa-deeee-da you might be thinking. Well I did think that and I rushed to tear open what we’d been sent.


The first box I tried was the Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Stars. They came in a very cute box and would make a fab gift for someone.  These little (although they were quite big) chocolate starts were very scrummy. Nice rich and creamy chocolate and well worth the £3.50.


Next we tried the CHOKABLOK Cherry Merry Christmas chocolate- in keeping with the festive time of year it was shaped like a tree and it was a dark chocolate and white chocolate swirly number with dried cherries sprinkled on top. I love dried cherries and had to resist picked them off the chocolate. I decided that for the sake of the review I really should try it the was is was intended and that was a s mouthful of the entire thing and not just individual pieces.  I like my chocolate just that little bit less busy so I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to this one. It was delish! A little bit of the bitter dark chocolate and the sweeter which chocolate, sharp sour cherries and again the sweetness of the brownie pieces.  I might have to try the other flavours though to find my favourite. I shall keep you posted!

The Chokablok also comes in  Santastic Cinnamon (£5), Christmas Pudding (£5)and Turkey Starstruck Supernova (£10) which scares me slightly and yet I am drawn to it.