Kitchen Remodel: Stage Three

On Week 9 the kitchen fitters arrived to build and fit kitchen and this is when our first crisis of the remodel happened. When the fitters opened the hob we found a gas hob and we’d ordered an induction hob. I called John Lewis and tried to find out what happened and then finally went into the store with the old hob and tried to get it sorted through them. Unfortunately they couldn’t help so I returned the hob. I called Appliances Online and they could guarantee next day AM delivery- sold! It also cost us almost ¬£100 less than John Lewis for the same exact item. Win win on all counts!

  • kitchen built and fitted
  • hob crisis
  • install appliances- dishwasher, hob, ovens, washing machine and dryer
  • install countertops
  • new chairs arrive
  • install sink and tap
  • tile and grout
  • install extractor fan

Week 10 was just tidying up but this was also the week we noticed the floor was lifting!  Stan our fantastic builder was just cleaning up and getting ready to leave when I noticed the floor in front of the dryer was lifting at the seams. I might have had a little bit of a meltdown. My kitchen was less than an hour old and already it was falling to shit! At first we thought the entire kitchen was going to need to be removed so that they could get to the floor but in the end we figured out a way to replace the floor without removing any units.