So did you hear? The SELFIE became a thing during 2013. Now I’ve been taking selfies for years now- I guess before they became selfies. I know I know they’ve become a little bit lame or so the cool kids have decided. Considering I’ve never in my life been considered a cool kid I’m going to continue to embracing the selfies!

This past week I participated in my last 7 Days project. My friend Sarah started it 7 years ago and I joined in on the fun on year 2. I didn’t particate every time (it ran 4 times a year- winter, spring, summer and autumn) but I tried to join in whenever I remembered. Soo much fun and so many funny memories for me.


Back when I first started the project I don’t think smartphones and self portraits had found it’s partnership yet- at least not in my world so I used to lug my Nikon D200 around- photos of my buying tampons and me in the bath were interesting shots to get.  With the explosion of smartphones and my buying my Samsung Galaxy camera it because easier and just as much fun.  I guess when you have the selfie bug it doesn’t matter how you capture it as long as you capture it!

I know I’m not the only one with a love for selfies and here are a few of my favourite ones-


    • Lindy
      December 31, 2013 /

      good thing too- as I can’t stop taking them!