The Year that was.


Because everyone is doing it and I’m a joiner! Well not a joiner as in a builder but a follower. A join-er-inner with the cool kids. Like I said in my last post- I’ve never been one of the cool kids but that doesn’t mean that sometimes they don’t have some cool ideas and I want to play along too!

So 2013 has been a year in transition. It was the year that saw me work outside the home since Squidge was born- I became a Weight Watchers leader with soo much hope and anticipation. It has been less than I expected. I’m thinking about cutting my work load down to 1 meeting per week and that meeting is my favourite and i can’t imagine now not doing it. It also saw my role at Flea enterprises increase and I’m pretty much working full time. I really love my job and I’m really happy to be surrounded by some cool women that make me laugh and don’t take me too seriously. It’s great when you work with someone you really get on with and that pushes you to do things you never thought you could.

I have a horrible memory so trying to remember the things I’ve done this year are pretty difficult. I know a highlight for Squidge was Legoland, and Cape Cod– those were highlights for me too.

Getting married this year should be up there as a highlight I suppose! Our wedding day was fantastic- I loved that we were surrounded by close family and dear friends. The reception a couple of days later was ah-may-zing! It was all I wanted and more. I hope my family and friends enjoyed it too.

2013 was the year we finally remodelled our kitchen- hurrah.

This has also been the year where I decided to just have fun- even if it I did make a fool out of myself. I had fun dancing with Mr Mozzarella and wore a dayglo onesie.

Lots of changes this year and more to come next year. I don’t do resolutions so I won’t list all the things I want to do because they’ll change and shift throughout the year as I grow and change. I will say that this year I want to go hell for leather and do things. I want to be scared shitless and worry I”m doing it wrong because ya know what? At least I’ll be DOING IT and not just wishing I could/would/should do it.

Here’s to 2014 and to pushing myself in ways that scare the bejeesus out of me.


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    You know I’m with you on scaring myself witless, right?
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