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Last month I was playing Pictionary with a few friends, we had to write down on paper what people were to draw and the theme was music, books and films.  Now it being pictionary and not wanting it to be too difficult I wrote down Fire and Rain by James Taylor.   I think we can all agree it’s a classic and HELLO how easy would it be to draw that? Let me answer that for you- pretty damn easy!  I also had Tie a Yellow Ribbon ’round that old oak tree – easy peasy. Some of the ones I got- To Kill a Mockingbird and Miracle on 42nd Street. Now tell me how do you draw those!?!?!  Anyhoo our team lost.  I’m not bitter- nope not at all.

It was a good laugh and we had a fantastic night- stayed up waaaay past our bedtime and might have fallen asleep on the hour long drive home. Thankfully Ruth my designated driver) didn’t complain too much when I snored.

What I didn’t expect was that people would not have heard of Fire and Rain or even of James Taylor- whaaaaaa the whaaaaaa!?! I’ve been teasing Becky about her obvious lack of musical education and that fact that she’s such a young’un.  She came back with some songs she considers to be classics- think Oasis and 90’s house music.  I know, it’s sad how the young don’t have taste!  I then had a brainstorm and thought I could do a Desert Island Disc type meme (are they still called that?)  If you’re not familiar with the Radio4 program- You’re going to be marooned on a desert island and all you’ll have with you are 8 songs, 1 luxury (can’t be anything practical or useful), the bible and another book.  Simples!  Yes, simples but because I’m a bit lazy I’m going to cut it down to 5 songs.



Paradise by the Dashboard Light- Meatloaf.  My bestest friend in High School and I played this song on repeat until the cassette broke and then we went out and bought another one! She had a kick ass car- a Camaro or a Firebird, I can’t remember now.  We used to drive around our town ‘cruising’ and listening this. It was just a simple easy time- we’d graduated from HS and hadn’t yet gone off to University. We both had crap jobs and we just dreamt of what we’d do when we grew up.

Closer to Fine- the Indigo Girls.  This song just reminds me of my 20’s. When I listen to anything by the Indigo Girls I am just happy. When you’re in your 20’s the world is your oyster isn’t it? So many hopes and dreams- so many bottles of vodka to get through and games of pool to play. Now-a-days I like to listen to this song while drinking a nice glass of red wine and get all marose- good times!

You Never Even Call Me By My Name- David Allen Coe.   This song will forever remind me of South Carolina. South Carolina where I met Wal. Where I went to University. Where rednecks and racism are still alive and kicking. I was a sheltered New England girl when I went there and it was both the best of times and the worst of times. I grew up a lot.  I learned how to like myself- I spent a lot of time alone.  You don’t know what lonliness is until you get home from work on a Friday and don’t speak to another soul until you get to work on Monday. It’s something I did a few times and although it sucked beyond belief I’m glad I went through it as it’s character building.  Wal and I danced to this song at our wedding- it’s the reason 99.9% of the photos of us we have our mouths wide open singing like fools.  We both love this song.

You are My Sunshine- Elizabeth Mitchell.  This is the song I sang to Squidge when she was a  baby. I’d always liked the song but before I had her it wasn’t one I would have added to my all time favourite list. In those first months after having her and trying to soothe her to sleep it was the only song I knew all the words to. So it’s become our song. I’m sure I’m not original and there are many mothers and daughters with the same song.

Add it Up- Violent Femmes. What can I say about this song other than it’s my all time favourite song. Again it’s another one that transports me to a time and place. I can smell the stale beer and the crunchy bedsheets. Lots of running around causing mischief and being free.


Which song would I save? It would have to be David Allen Coe- the song just makes me happy.

My luxury would be coffee- I would like to learn how to be a fabulous barista so I’d like all the kit to allow me to do that.

I’d take the complete works of JRR Tolkien mainly because I’ve never read any and they’re HUGE and I’m going to need something to keep me going.


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  1. kelloggsville
    January 17, 2014 /

    how odd, I made a list of my top 5 whilst sat in the car today waiting for Cog. I was thinking about what I wanted playing at my funeral and this led to me thinking about exactly this sort of thing. Must be the time of year that brings it out in us.
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    • Lindy
      January 19, 2014 /

      Ooh spooky coincidence! So tell me what songs do you want played at your funeral?!?!