Andrex Word Challenge

Last week I participated in a word challenge with Andrex and Tots100 to see who is the better communicator- men or women.  Now I know that Wal and I are equally bad communicators- if you’ll look through my archives you’ll find a post that tells you exactly how Squidge came to be- no not THAT way but the miscommunication about who was doing what in the prevent a baby kinda way!  It’s amazing we ever get anything done or that we’re not falling out left right and center.

Sooooo Andrex Washlets surveyed 2,000 British adults to analyse their conversation and found that nearly half of Brits (47%) shy away from having conversations about difficult subjects – more of us shy away from talking about bathroom habits than mental health and sex! The survey also found that women are generally much better at broaching difficult or embarrasing topics.  Now I’m not sure if this is true for us- birth control? pah no chance but have I had a poo this week? Ya I’m all over that one as embarrasement threshold is pretty high.  Also if I can’t talk to the man I’m living with about poo either mine or Squidge’s then well what’s the point… right? Eeerm OK moving on.

Below is our video- it’s eerm pretty pathetic.




*we did this of our own free will for comedy and love of acting like a fool- enjoy*