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Last week the husband and I decided to move offices- my old office was cold and I’ve been told I’m a little bit nesh so I had the space heater on all.the.time.  Needless to say Wal was just a teensy bit irritated  by this so we decided I’d move to the smaller office.

This room used to be Squidge’s bedroom and it’s very very pink.  We had only just decorated this room a couple of years ago and I decided I was going to work with what I had.  So the pink walls would be staying but the heart wallpaper had to go.  I really hate wallpapering and the last time we wallpapered this room it almost ended in divorce so no way was I going to go through that again.  I decided I’ll decoupage the wall with old maps- a little less stressful than wallpapering I think.

Now as our house is a work in progress the upstairs doesn’t have any carpeting.  We ripped up all the carpets when we first moved because everything smelled of cigarette smoke and we’ve been living with bare floors ever since.  We’ll be carpeting up here after we do the bathroom as we’re moving walls and we’ll be losing some of the hallway to the new bathroom… anyhoo carpeting will come later.  In the meantime I needed a rug for this room.  I also needed some shelves and some curtains.  In the end a trip to Ikea was called for as I’m on a very limited budget. I did an internet search and couldn’t find anything cheaper that I liked so off I went on a Sunday.  Ya, not the brightest of ideas.

In the end the trip to Ikea was very productive.  I picked up a really cool rug and it was a bargain at only £55.  An Expidet shelf also found it’s way into my trolly and come curtains that I thought would fit in well with the pink walls and the black and white rug.  All and all it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

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  1. Kelloggsville
    March 11, 2014 /

    Love those curtains