I think it’s safe to say that my house is a bit quirky. Well, not my house it’s a bog standard 1930’s semi but how I am decorating my house.  I think it’s because we’re doing a lot of the work ourselves and I’m an avid Pinterest-er.  I see something I like and I pin it. I mull things over and am constantly looking around trying to figure out how I can get the  look I want on the cheap.  It’s expensive remodelling a house and we need to save our pennies for the things we can’t do ourselves.

One of the things I had seen before was a painted piano. It was years ago on a blog and although at the time I didn’t even own a piano I always thought that it would be a cool thing to do. So I filed it away in the part of my brain where I keep all the silly useless things I’d like to do- this was before Pinterest or I’d have pinned it!  When we finally did get a piano and I mentioned it to Wal he was dead set against it. So I sat on the idea some more. Finally last weekend I thought ‘screw it I’m going to paint the piano RED’… and I did!

The piano was nothing to look at. We got it on Freecycle and the woman who gave it to us said it was a practice piano and all four of her children learned to play on it. I’d say it was probably 1950’s and a dark brown box.

I was very nervous about taking red paint to a piano especially since I have never painted furniture- ever! Why I got a madcap idea to start off with a piano I’ll never know!  I had wanted some Annie Sloan red paint but they were all out so I tried a different brand.  It was a disaster! The paint was very thin and runny and looked more pink than red. Off I trotted to a different shop and picked up the real thing.  What a difference! It went on really smoothly and I had the piano painted and waxed in 2 days!

red piani.png

 The only thing is I HATE the yellow I used to re-upholster the bench with.  So I’ve gone out and picked up something I think will work much better. 1966460_10152364765429258_568176505_o