Fun times at Chill Factore

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We’re big fans of Chill Factore around here.  It’s a quick 15 minute drive for us (unless it’s rush hour then fuggedabadit!)  Squidge and I have both taken skiing lessons there and as a family we head to the ‘slopes’ whenever we can.  So when Sally asked if I wanted to join her and Flea to try out the toboggan, tube and luge we jumped at the chance.

I’m a bit of a chicken and I have to be honest with you when I got to the front of the queue at the luge I was a little (a lot) scared. I try really hard not to show my fear in front of Squidge because I want her to be fearless. So I sucked it up and went down the luge. Oh Em Gee sooooo much fun! That’s the amazing thing about doing things that scare you- it’ll surprise you and make you glad you went for it.


If you’re a huge adrenaline junkie you need to head over to Chill Factore and experience the new Airboarding experience. I’m not sure if I’m up for the challenge but it does sound like one hell of a good time.  You can zoom down the slopes in an inflated board- sounds scaaaaary but I bet Squidge would love it!  If you’re up for it give them a call- it’s only £18 for a 45 minute session.  It’s even cheaper if you buy it alongside a snow park pass.

Squidge and Flea had an amazing time- they went up and down and raced each other down the slope on the sledges and challenged us to races and well we basically had a ball!


Thanks Chill Factor for a fantastic time and for allowing us to try out things we wouldn’t normally have tried.

Chill Factore is open every day from 9am until 11pm


    • May 9, 2014 /

      It was! Very cold but fun.