How not to dye Easter eggs.

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This year our dying of Easter eggs was a bit of a challenge. I have a hard time finding white eggs so this year I thought I would be clever and dye duck eggs. This was a mistake. I don’t think duck eggs absorb dyes and it took me an entire day of trying different things before it got some color. A bit annoying as it’s A FREAKING EASTER EGG!! Gah!

So my tip for dying Easter eggs- don’t use duck eggs.

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  1. Irrespective of the struggles these were some of the prettiest eggs I saw all weekend. They’re almost a bit Liberty-esque!

  2. Genuinely! Especially the yellow one.

  3. I’ve never dyed eggs before… these look awesome!

    • you’ve never dyed eggs??? Guuuuurl you need to try it. It’s loads of fun and then you can make egg salad sammies afterwards- om nom!

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