A warm home with Evohome

During the frantic time after we’d accepted an offer on our house and before we put an offer on this house we viewed many many properties.  I vividly remember deciding to view this house only because it we were viewing two houses in the area and thought why not check this one out too.  I didn’t hold out much hope for it. The only pictures of it on Rightmove were of the front of the house and the back garden. Usually a good indication of how much work needed to be done.  


I was right!  The entire house needed to be redecorated and the kitchen was a mess.I remember walking around and thinking the first thing that would need to go were the gas fires.  Ugly 1970’s monstrosities! I couldn’t figure out why they had them when there was central heating throughout the house.  Well we ended up buying the house It was the space- sooo much space. Great airy hallways, large bedrooms and well, after years of living in a cramped 2 bedroom the house had me at the front door.


I could overlook the dated decor and the kitchen because the space was there.  Our first winter here was a revelation. I now understood why they gas fires in the reception rooms and in the kitchen. The blooming house was freezing!  With it being a rather large 4 bedroom house the thought of cranking up the heat to just heat the rooms we were in made me want to cry.


We spent that first year huddled around those same ugly gas fires I swore I’d rip out the first second I had.  Luckily for me there were soo many other things that needed doing or we’d have been in serious trouble that first year.  Now that we’ve been in the house almost 4 years and we’ve sorted out the kitchen we can now turn our attention to the heating.  We have a new combo boiler- installed the year before we bought the house so we don’t need to sort that out. What we do need to do it spot heat the house without using uber expensive gas fires.


It’s funny how things work out- just as we were turning out attention to the heating an opportunity to review a new home heating system came our way.  Since being sent some information about Evohome, a smart central heating system has also joined my dream list for our heating.


You get to control your heating remotely via an handheld device as well as an app on your smartphone. Lord knows I love me some gadgets!   I can just imagine myself turning on the heat as I’m heading home after a day out.  No more coming home to a dark cold house.

I think the best bit about the Evohome system is that you can also create ‘zones’ in your home and heat them separately, which should mean you can use your heating more efficiently and save money.

If that’s piqued your interest, there are a couple of places to find out more, both the Evohome website, and the nifty system planning tool, where you can input a few details and get a price.

This is a sponsored post in association with Evohome. I received payment for this post, but all words and thoughts are my own.