Fab Finds: Framed Postcards

city postcards


If you’re like me finding the perfect gift can be difficult and time consuming.  When I’m shopping for a gift I want it to be personal and unique. I also, if I’m honest, don’t want to spend a fortune.  This usually means I spend way too much time time looking for just the right gift. If I have loads of time and am organised I can usually find a great gift at Not on the High Street but I’m rarely if ever that organised!

This lack of organisation is what lead me to John Lewis on Saturday afternoon desperately looking for the perfect housewarming gift.  Now don’t get  me wrong I saw a lot of things I would have loved to buy but holy toledo they were a bit pricey.  I finally settled on making my own gift- sort of.  I had seen these really cool postcards of major cities,  Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco- the usual suspects.   I thought they’d look lovely framed. Sorted!

My friend has spent a lot of time in France and is originally from London so I thought framing the Paris and London postcards would make a nice gift.


framed post cards


Now lets pretend I didn’t forget all about her husband who’s a Northern boy with no connection to London OR Paris.



    • May 10, 2014 /

      Aren’t they just fab! It was a total bargain- only cost be £10 and it was a totally unique gift.