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Don’ t you just love taking those quizes you find online?

I’m constantly taking one facebook quiz or another to find out what royal I am (ancient Egyptian if you were wondering) and what decade I belong in (the 90’s). So when I saw the Victoria Plumb competition on the Tots100 I knew I was going to enter. It combines my love of interiors, photography and silly quizes.

About my shelfie I have little collections of things I love all over the house and I’m constantly moving and changing things depending on my mood. Currently my favorite shelf is this one. It’s the top shelf in our newly decorated family room (but not yet totally finished as I have to paint these shelves white) but the top- the top is glorious! My current favorite things are the framed Shipping Forcast1 I gave Wal for Christmas a couple of years ago but only had framed this past autumn. One day I’ll actually hang it. I’m also still very much in love with my christmas decoration2 I picked up at John Lewis. I think it’s too lovely to only have out for a few weeks a year so it has pride of place on my shelf. Squidge has an amazing imagination and she found this ‘sword’3 on the beach at my parent’s village in the Azores a couple of summers ago. It reminds me that the simplest things can also be wonderous and amazing if you just allow your imagination to run wild. Flowers. Simple little flowers. If I could afford to I’d bury myself in flowers and cover the entire house with them. Stocks4 are my current favorite- their scent just fills the house. When Wal and I got married last year I wanted it to be a fun and slightly irreverent affair and my invitiations reflected that (I hope). On the invitations I wrote After many many many years… A lovely friend gave us this framed picure5 with our names on it and the sentence above. I love it. It makes me smile. I’ve had this Weeping Buddha6 for years and years, I found him in a little shop in South Carolina. The little shop filled with patchouli oil and hemp clothing was so out of place in the little town I lived it, oh how I loved it. It reminded me that there was a different world out there. I needed to be reminded of that and when I found this little weeping Buddah in a corner of the shop with a little tag describing what the Weeping Buddah stood for I knew I had to take him home with me. There are many stories associated with the Weeping Buddah but the main theme is that he takes away the sorrow and grief in the world. If you rub his back he will provide you with peace and strength- something we all need sometimes, no?


I bet you’re just dying to find out what my design style is right?!?! I’m Joey Essex! Can you believe it? Never having watched Towie I will admit to my nose being out a joint slightly at the results but when I looked at the picture of the bathroom I had to admit Victoria Plumb Quiz got it spot on!

This is an entry for a Victoria Plumb competition that could see me win £500. It’d love to add the to the pitifully small bathroom remodel fund. Maybe I’ll finally have as the good folks at Victoria plumb described- a modern trendy bathroom. To go along with my love of family portraits guilty face and kitchen gadgets, it’s like they’ve been in my house!



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      Thank you Mrs!