Cafe Pod

I love coffee. I mean I really really love coffee and if you follow me on Instagram it’s a good bet you’ll find a photo of a coffee or three.  When I was contacted about reviewing some CaféPods coffee I jumped at the chance- mama didn’t raise no fools!


I’ve been trying out the range of Nespresso compatible pods from CaféPod. The four varieties I’ve been trying; Ristretto, Intense, Smooth & Arabica Lungo, form part of CaféPods main range.




Now although I’m a coffee fan I’m not a huge fan of  overly strong coffee. I think it’s the burnt bitter taste that you find in a lot of coffee shop coffee.  The two milder blends I tried are the Arabica Lungo (strength 4) and the Espresso Smooth (strength 5) really were my favourites and I just foamed up some milk to make some cappuccino or flat whites.


I found the CaféPod coffees are very convenient. The range of flavours mean there is something for everyone – the number system mean you can just grab the one you want without too much thought- a must for me in the mornings.  I will admit that I do love going out for a ‘proper’ cup of coffee made for me by my favourite independent coffee shop but when I can’t get out and I need a good cup of joe then these really did hit the spot.



I was sent a range of CaféPod products for an honest review.