I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that I’m  a little bit in love with the color white. It’s a color that just speaks to me.  I used to think that when it came to home interiors white was the most impractical color.  I don’t think this any more.

I think the change happened when I was designing the kitchen. I pinned photo after photo on my kitchen Pinterest board- almost all of them white. I thought to myself, ‘self, you’ve got a thing for white’ and I decided to listen to myself and go with what I was drawn to.  I am beyond happy with my kitchen. White walls, white units, white coutertops,  white tiles. The main question people ask me is if it’s not harder to keep clean.  I would say that it’s not. You know the instant something is dirty so you clean it.  You never get to the point where the place is a tip and it takes hours to clean.  Oh am I the only one that lets it get to that point? ahem, moving on.

We’ve been thinking about decorating the bedroom for a while.  It’s the only room in the house we haven’t touched.  Lavender walls and teal green curtains- it’s sick inducing.  But, BUT it’s the bedroom and we only sleep in there.  It’s the room where when we’re tidying up or if guests are coming over things get dumped in there.  So for the majority of the time it’s a tip, a tip I lock the door behind and forget about. I forget about it until it’s time for bed and I need to clear the bed off in order to get in it.  shame face

bedding post

As  you probably know I’ve been thinking about decorating the bedroom and we finally did it. Good by horrid lavender walls! Hello Grey! I’ll be posting a before and after of the room makeover soon!  I did want to show you the lovely bedding I received from Christy .  I chose the Maddox range as I was going to a calming relaxing feel- I didn’t want any garish colors and as I said I’m smack dab in the middle of a love affair with white.

I’m a bit of a bedding snob and it’s all about the thread count when it comes to bedding for me.  The higher the thread count the better.  I will admit that I was a teensy bit worried that this wasn’t going to cut the mustard for me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong. The bedding is 400 thread count but it feels soo much more. It’s soo soft and simply decadent to  sleep on.  I ordered both rectangular and square pillow cases- I love that you get the option as I’m a bit of a pillow addict.  Poor husband finds himself buried under a pile of them some nights!

The website is very easy to navigate and delivery was super quick.  There’s a little bit for everyone as well. If you’re looking for a bit of drama and spice check out their Agent Provacateur range- oh my!



I was provided with the bedding ( and a good nights sleep) by Christy for review purposes but all opinions are my own.