I vividly remember finding out I was having a baby girl.  I called my Mom in the US and we cried over the phone then the phone was handed to my grandmother and she cried too.  It was a pretty powerful moment and one I will remember forever.


Fast forward almost 9 years and I have a wonderful little girl who has filled my life with joy. She’s funny and clever. She’s irritating and annoying. She’s imaginative and I love her to bits. I remember when she was one, I thought to myself this is the best age ever! Then I said the same thing for two, three, four… you get the point.  I can’t believe how quickly time has flown  How we need to live in the moment a bit more and enjoy them because they do grow up soo quickly!




Fairy Non Bio have put together a beautiful little video that captures that feeling of time flying by and  seeing your babies grow through childhood in a blink of an eye and it reminds me how much we need to treasure each and every moment and to enjoy those special cuddles with your little ones, in fact in a survey they did the most missed thing about the early school days were the super soft kisses and cuddles.


This video brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.