Cocktail time



I love socialising. I blame my Portuguese-ness and my loud boisterous family. I grew up surrounded by cousins and aunts and uncles. Grandparents and great aunts and uncles. Second and third cousins would be seen regularly- even fourth cousins would be seen at least once a year. So, ya, I think socialising is in my blood.

When I first moved to the UK I was a little lonely- it was a bit of a shock to suddenly find yourself no surrounded by people you know. Still I was in loooooooove and most of the time was spent at the pub or in bed (ooh eeer).  Now that we’re ‘adults’ and have a child, well it’s all about the dinner parties innit 🙂

My favourite holiday is Thanksgiving. As far as I’m concerned it’s the best holiday ever. A day when you’re surrounded by family, friends and good food. Oh and drink, you can’t forget the drink. Now that I’m all sophisticated *cough* I need to up my cocktail making game and bring in some new drinks to share with my friends.

Enter The Bar, it’s a website full of fab cocktails. All you have to do is enter the type of spirits you have and a list of cocktails pops up.  Totally fab! It also filters by skill level so you won’t be caught out buying all the ingredients for some crazy hard to make drink.

I tried a Smirnoff espresso martini– yummo! It was super easy to make. It was a great hit with my friends and I’ll be making it again. They all think I’m a genious!

I also had some leftover prosecco and a quick search I found Tanqueray French 75. What the what?!?! I think the only reason I made if was because of the name,


I think this one is going to come into heavy rotation. I always have a little bit of the fizzy stuff around and it’s a great way to use it up. My favourite things about the website is that you can purchase any items you don’t have online using your usual grocery store. I shop at Sainsbury’s and was able to order the the bailey’s I needed for the espresso martini directly from them. Also you can pin your favourites onto Pinterest so you can always find them.

I’m hoping they come out with a app- fingers crossed!

I know that the older *cough* I get the more I love a good cocktail. Long gone are the days of Jager-bombs… or are they?

Would love to know what your favourite cocktail is.