Enjoying the silver lining

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I read something today and I felt like someone had punched me right in the heart.  It was just so filled with positivity and is reminded me how miserable I can be. I don’t know when I became such a worrier that I can never just enjoy the good because I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s a pretty crap way to live and I’ve been trying this year to look for the good in life.  I don’t want to be the one always looking for the cloud behind that silver lining!

I wonder if it’s because I’ve never really had anything super bad happen to me- I’ve never really experienced death. My grandparents have died but you sort of expect that. I had a fairly happy childhood and I always knew I was loved and wanted. I might have wished I was adopted or an only child but I think that was just teenage angst!

I’m drawn to happy people. They fascinate me and make me want to be a happy chipper person. I firmly believe it’s a good thing to surround yourself with people you like and admire and want to be more like. I don’t know what they get out of hanging out with me but I’m happy they do!

So I’m going to take the 5 things I obsess and worry over and turn them upside down into a positive. I’m expecting this to be really hard to do.

  1. I am proud  of myself for having successfully lost 4 stone and have (for the most part) kept it off. It’s been 4 years since I started  my weight loss journey. It wasn’t always easy and it sure as hell wasn’t quick but it certainly was worth it. So I’m cutting myself some slack and saying “well done me!”
  2. I worry about money all.the.time. I wish I had more of it. Don’t we all? But if I take a cold hard look at my life it ain’t so bad. We have a lovely house and a mortgage we can afford. We eat well and are surrounded by some of the prettiest countryside. Everything we have we own and we live well within our means.  There’s something to be said for that.
  3. I have the best daughter in the world. That’s a fact. She’s clever. She’s kind. She’s affectionate and imaginative. I need to give myself some credit and her some slack.
  4. I worry about getting old. I never used to worry about it but the older I get the more I look at my crinkly lines around my eyes and mouth. They’re signs I smile and laugh too much so I’m going to embrace them.
  5. Friends. I don’t have too many so I like to keep the ones I do have but I constantly worry I’m going to offend them and they’re going to break up with me.  It’s almost like having PTSD. I do hope that my friends know I love them to bits and would do anything for them. This is a good reminder to myself to tell them this more often!

There! I actually feel better!

Are you a silver lining sort of person or a cloud person? And can those of us who constantly search for that cloud behind that silver lining ever change? I’m surely going to try!


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  1. maria
    October 21, 2014 /

    Hey! I lost you for too long!! So glad I found your blog again!! Looks way fab!! Love it!! I also like your turn it around frown approach on this reflection.. wow! 4 stone?? like what? almost 50 lbs?? amazing!! I finally got serious and have been on my ‘journey” since last dec… Thanks for the inspiration..I remember reading your WW weigh ins.. So glad thinsg are progressing so well for you.. Glad to hear squidge is doing well. She is truly a credit to you.. I hate being Debbie Downer as well.. thanks for the reminder.. 😉

    • October 23, 2014 /

      Yay! I’m glad you found me! I went looking for you a while back but I couldn’t find you. Cali looks amazing- sooo much better than Bermingham! Has J adjusted to all that sun?
      Lindy recently posted…The Egg Roulette ChallengeMy Profile

  2. October 22, 2014 /

    I don’t think I’m one or the other, although I do think some people are fundamentally better at being optimistic than others, for sure.

    I’m prone to self-doubt, I can be ruthlessly self-critical and there are plenty of times when I wonder why it is I bother waking up to inflict my general uselessness and lack of goodness on the world, and the unfortunate people in it. Of course I do. Don’t we all?

    But most days, I’d describe myself as a happy person. I think it’s because I’ve never thought happy is a destination. It’s a moment. And when you look for moments, they’re everywhere, and you get pretty better at noticing them the more you look.

    It’s the sun on the misty fields in the mornings. It’s the feeling of the duvet when you slip into bed at night. It’s someone holding your hand at a concert. It’s hearing your child laughing in the other room. It’s thinking how lovely your morning coffee tastes. Your life might – in a wider sense – be falling apart, but if you’re thinking about how much you love someone while they make you laugh, or just drinking a cold beer at the end of a long day, then that’s the very best of things, right there, in that moment.
    Sally recently posted…My 10 Top Tips from BlogCampMy Profile

    • October 23, 2014 /

      All the little moments add up don’t they. I think I’m one of those that focus on the negative and I’m trying to reset that because negativity sucks.
      Lindy recently posted…The Egg Roulette ChallengeMy Profile

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