The Egg Roulette Challenge



One of the thing I like the best about blogging is the things I get to do. The sillier the better.  This past September I participated in a flash mob- thanks to blogging.  I’ve made a video of Squidge and I singing to an Oly Muirs song as we walked around our neighborhood.  We got some strange looks but we had a blast.  So when I was tagged by Sally to do the egg roulette challenge I couldn’t wait.

I showed Squidge the video Sally and Flea had made and we both laughed and excitedly made plans.  Then we were all felled with the lurgy and/or life got in the way.  Finally today the stars and the planets aligned and we did our egg roulette challenge.

Now this isn’t all fun and games, it’s also about raising awareness to a cause that is close to our hearts.  We’ll be donating to Wood Street Mission.  Wood Street Mission help children and families living in Manchester and Salford with everyday items most of us take for granted.  Wood Street’s mission is to help alleviate the effects of poverty on local children and their families through practical help. Wood Street’s vision is that all children in Manchester and Salford should live a life free from poverty.

Do you want to know who won?

I’m tagging Becky and Ruth 


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  2. October 23, 2014 /

    Youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! *shakes fist* Although, wouldn’t it be amazing to do this with my Dad?!?! Stand by…

    • October 24, 2014 /

      If it wasn’t a serious laugh I wouldn’t have nominated you! I was still laughing while in the shower washing the egg off me. Under NO circumstances should you (you totally should) search on YouTube for Egg Roulette.
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