Voice of Mums



I was asked to talk about what being a mum means to me. You’d think it would be an easy thing to talk about but I found it quite difficult to do.

I never wanted to be a mum and was very happy going through life being my own person and not having any real responsibilities. Well, other than a couple of cats.

When Squidge was born I didn’t get all mushy and ‘feel like I was wearing my heart on the outside’ malarky. I just felt fiercely protective of this little being. Nothing has changed really except that everything has. I am sooo much a better person because of her.


Thanks you Squidge for completing our little pod.





This is written in collaboration with Cussons and their #voiceofmums campaign, real Mums sharing their views of motherhood to coincide with the launch of their new baby bath product Cussons Comfort to Snuffly Noses.