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It’s been a year since we finished out kitchen remodel and it’s now time to turn our eye to our bathroom.  In the grand scheme of things our bathroom isn’t too bad.  It’s a cream coloured suite so not as offensive as it could be.

The thing I don’t like about the the bathroom is that the toilet is in a separate room. Maybe it’s my American upbringing but I think the toilet should be in with the rest of the bathroom.

I’ve been dreaming about the type of room I want and have drawn up “plans”

With the caveat that this is still the dreaming stage because we haven’t costed out anything yet.

We’ll be knocking down the wall between the bathroom and the toilet. We’ll move the bathroom door to the external toilet room wall- making the whole bathroom much larger.

I’d like a walk in shower and a separate bath.  The cupboard that houses the combi boiler I’d like to make a bit larger and add shelves so that it also works as a linen closet.

Underfloor heating and a heated towel rack.

We currently have an electric shower and I want to have one in our large walk in shower. Our current one is an branded Mira so I had a bit of a browe Mira’s collection of electric showers and can see they’ve come a long way since ours was installed- not that I know when that was as it was installed by the previous owners. If I go by the style of the bathroom I’d have to say Prince Charles and Diana were still starry eyed newlyweds!

I’m a bit partial to this one as it looks sleek and modern


We do need to do some structural work as the large window is rotting away- I think one day a strong breeze is going to blow it out while I’m stark naked in the shower! Knocking down walls and changing door locations and all the tiles I’d like in there means this is probably just going to be a dream.

Wal and I are in total disagreement about the tiles. I want an all white bathroom but he thinks it’s going to be too cold and clinical.  What are you thoughts on bathroom tiles? I think the white will be neutral and will allow me to change the feel of the room and keep it feeling contemporary.


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  1. Chichi Furniture
    November 7, 2014 /

    I love white tiles but if you’re worried they may be too cold, you could try to incorporate hints of gold – gold taps, maybe a gold edged mirror, or a small section of gold tiles around the sink to add a bit of warmth and glam. With some large fluffy dark coloured towels it certainly wouldn’t look clinical. Or, rather than conventional bathroom lighting, hand a small chandelier to soften the all white scheme. Good luck and happy decorating :O)