Reindeer Rocket- CaféPod


If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m a lover of coffee. The CaféPod family have launched a limited edition Christmas coffee blend, appropriately enough called Reindeer Rocket.  The coffee is one of their stronger blends (9) and it really packs a punch.  It’s just perfect for the cold winter days as well as my usual marathon Christmas eve wrapping.

The Reindeer Rocket comes in Nespresso compatible capsules and are designed for Big Cups (Lungo) of coffee or if you want a nice kick of caffeine you can also drink it straight up.  Ever since I gave up sugar in my coffee I’ve like my coffee milky so one of the pods does me for two mugs of coffee.  Reindeer rocket from Big Cup Little Cup is a limited edition rich coffee with an intense flavour. Made from Arabica beans from Southern Brazil and Central America, and Southern Indian Robusta beans equals a coffee with hints of dark chocolate and chestnut.


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The little pods are compatible with Nespresso machines please check on the site for more information.


  1. November 26, 2014 /

    We can relate to the marathon Christmas Eve wrapping! Lovely photos by the way.