From my Kitchen, January


white loaf


This year I haven’t set any resolutions. There have been ZERO words of the year. I’ve not Instagrammed any inspirational quotes. I’ve written nada! Which as a blogger is pretty poor!

I think if I did have to choose a word for 2015 it would be mindfullness. Although, it’s how I tried to live my life last year so it’s really not a new concept.

Following along the mindfullness path has led me to what I am doing now.  My From my Kitchen post for January is trying to teach myself how to bake bread.

If you know me in real life you’ll know I have a complicated relationship with bread.  I’m slightly addicted to it and can’t say no to a slice, a roll or a chunk.  If there’s bread around no matter if I’m hungry or not I’ll eat it.  No matter the quality.  In 2013 we had a bread embargo in the house and nary a crumb of the stuff made it into the house. Toward the end of last year I eased up on things a bit. We’d buy a loaf on Saturday for brunch on Sunday. Oh and how I enjoyed that bread. The tightness of my jeans didn’t enjoy it as much but we’ll gloss over that one.

proving bread cropped

My goal for this year is to bake one loaf of bread per week, easy peasy right? Wrong!  It appears that a natural bread baker I am not.  I’ve made 4 loaves so far, one didn’t rise, one was raw, one looked gorgeous but was inedible and one was passable.  The inedible soda bread was the most depressing of my failures. I made it because it was called fool proof. Well this fool is proof of how wrong that statement was!  I’ll keep chugging along and one day I’ll make amazing bread.

So tell me, what’s From your Kitchen this month?FromMyTable text