Falling off the Wagon

This is the post where I get up, cough a bit and admit I’ve fallen off the Weight Watchers wagon!  Long gone are the days of me being a leader- I gave it up last spring, and I had been maintaining for a while. Then Thanksgiving happened and then Christmas happened. Then the non stop snacking happened. Soo this is me admitting that I’ve fallen off the wagon but I’m now taking control of my eating again. Did I head straight back to Weight Watchers? Well I tried but I was just dialing it in so I decided to try something different.

It was with some trepidation that I joined Slimming World last week. To say I’m confused would be an understatement. It’s soo different from what I know and actually still love. I’m in that resentful stage right now but I needed something where I had to think about what I was eating again and being more mindful.  It hasn’t been easy as it’s a totally different way to look at things.

The thing with trying to lose a bit of weight is that it needs to fit in with my life. This week we went to a Beefeater and fretted a bit about how it was going to fit into my new SW routine. I finally just decided to enjoy it.

I’d never been to a Beefeaters but they have been around for ages- I think something like 40 years. When I told Wal we were going to have dinner at Beefeaters he wasn’t very impressed.  It appears they have a bit of a reputation, not being a native I didn’t have any idea so went it with an open mind.

I  found the Beefeater Grill in Heald Green to be a very nice place to have a family meal. We were spoiled for choice with the menu and I have to say I had a hard time deciding what to have. I ended up having the pulled pork stacker with cole slaw and skinny chips. Yum!  Wal had chilli and Squidge had Mac & Cheese (surprise surprise) everyone enjoyed the meal.  Wal did have issues w/ the way they pulled a pint- it was a flat pint and being a Northern lad born and bred likes his pint w/ a bit of a head on it. I will definitely be back and think it’s a fab place to have a girly lunch w/ Squidge. As I said I’m not a native so I didn’t have any preconceived opinions of the place and found it on par with other chain restaurants of it’s kind. The menu had something for everyone, portions were good. Kids menu was great.  Squidge gave the ‘make your own sundae’ two thumbs up.  I Instagrammed a bit during the meal and someone asked me how the loos looked as she’d been there before the refit/rebranding and they were not so nice. I’m happy to report the loos are very nice!


Beefeaters collage



I’m glad I didn’t worry too much about how the meal fit into Slimming World and just enjoyed the meal out with my family. There’s plenty of time to worry about calories… tomorrow.


We were sent a voucher and asked to visit the restaurant but all opinions are my own.