Where’s the beef?!*


As I said in my last post I’m trying to lose a bit of weight so I’m always on the look out for things that will fill me up for longer.  When I was asked if I wanted to review a beef jerky type of snack I thought why not?  I’m a big fan of beef jerky and am more than a little partial to biltong, especially chilli biltong. Wal goes to South Africa about once a year and always comes back with about a kilo of the stuff.

While a beef snack isn’t something I would normally buy I thought it would be just the thing for an after workout protein boost.  Jack link’s is the world’s number one authentic American meat snack brand.

While Jack’s Links is not at all like Biltong it wasn’t unpleasant- it was like a beefy protein bar which I suppose is exactly what it is.

The entire household tried it and liked it but Squidge LOVED it and has asked that I buy more. I think next time I’d like to try the peppered one as I think a bit of kick would really add to the flavour.

So to get back to the question in the title- the beef is in the Jacks Link’s snack bar.

I searched the Slimming World app to see how many syns each bar was but couldn’t find an exact match but it looks like it’s only about 1.5 syns (this is based on Jacks Link’s beef jerky, original 25g bag.)

Head over to Jack Link’s Facebook page you can claim 50p off coupon to use at a Tesco Express store.  Jack Link’s Beef Snack retail at £1.30 but if you use the coupon it’s even cheaper.  If you want to find out what other snacks they offer just head over to  Jack Link’s


* I do realise that only an American of a certain age will get this

Disclosure: For review purposes we were sent Jack Links Beef Snacks, all opinions are my own.