All I really needed was just a rug


retro funky pixel

When we first moved in to our new house back in 2010 the entire house was covered in old smelly carpeting and the first thing I did was rip everything up. We lived w/ old floorboards w/ paint and water stains for a couple of years but it was better than the smelly rugs.

Slowly, slowly we’ve been converting the house and when we sanded and varnished the floors I loved it soo much I though I’d never want another carpet or rug again. The funny thing about making statements like that is it’s almost guaranteed to end up not being true.  So here I was a few months ago thinking that I needed an area rug to warm up our living room because although I love the polished wood floors it’s does allow drafts to come up from the crawl space below.

We don’t do anything fast here so after searching around on line I finally decided on the style I wanted- something colourful and funky but not too expensive as I can see myself wanting to switch things up often. I found one that pretty much fit the bill as I needed a fairly large rug and I’m totally in love with it- I was drawn to it because of the vibrant colours- it’s Retro Funky Pixel.  It really does jazz up the living room and makes it feel so much more cozy. It’s also a great match for our uber cozy sofa.  The rug is 160 X 225cm ( 63 X 89″ ) and only cost £70 which makes my bargain loving heart very happy.


I’m now searching Just a Rug for a few more rugs as I have 3 more rooms I think need rugs.  Have you ever thought you knew exactly what you wanted design wise only to realise after the fact you actually wanted something entirely different? I’m really happy with our polished wood floors but a rug just finished up a room in a way I didn’t realise I wanted. So happy face!