Decorating with Plants

decorating with plants

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One way to transform interior decor is to use indoor plants.  Plants instantly change the look and feel of a room. There are a lot of ways to include plants in your home.

I’m finding that terrariums are very trendy right now and they’re really easy to make. There are some great tutorials out there- I love this one on Life and Wonderlust  has some great info on growing citrus plants.


Why not add a citrus plants into the house, they’ll smell fabulous and you can have fresh lemons year-round.  One of my favourite website-  Apartment Therapy

Plants can soften a room, it can add height and you can use a large plant to hide an unsightly corner. It can really add a homely feel to a hours.

There are health benefits of adding  plants to your house.  Why not fill your house with gorgeous plants and improve the air quality in your house.

I don’t have the greenest of thumbs so I wanted to know which plants I wouldn’t kill. According to the internet here are some easy to keep plants.

Mother-in-law’s tongue
This plant is virtually indestructible and the perfect plant for first time plant owners
according to Google this plant is a fantstic air-purifier! Looks fab in a hanging basket.
The leaves has medicinal properties and are great in the kitchen.
Spider Plant
A great hanging basket plant that grows little ‘shoots’ that can be potted on or simply let them trail dow.
Succulents (general)
Are a class of plants with think skin to help them retain water so they make a great plants for those us who might be a fit forgetful.
Air Plant
Gets it’s moisture from the air and rain. You can attach these plants to a structure or grow it in a hanging glass orb.


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    I have to say that I have experienced first hand the benefits of having a plant in my home. I received an aloe from my fiancee even though I didn’t have a good record with keeping plants alive before, I did manage to keep it alive. The surprising part was its healing benefits. One night I managed to cut myself while trying to get a new knife set out of the package. We rushed to the emergency and it was a five stitch cut. I put aloe on it, straight from the plant, just broke one of the leaves, and squeezed some of that juice on my wound, it was the fastest healing I have ever experienced. No swelling. No inflammation. By the time I had my stitches taken out, the doctor was like “why did you wait so long’ and I was like “I only waited a week, and that’s what the doctor recommended’. So ya, it is cool having plants around.
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