Fujifilm x100t- a bit of retro love

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I’m a bit of a photography nut.  I love everything about photography and for a while I fancied doing it for a living. In the end I found that I love photography for my own pleasure, and I’d rather just grab a camera and go for a bit of a walk and snap things that catch my eye, be it my family or a pretty flower or a sunset.  I also love printing out my photographs but it’s something I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing.

Recently I thought I should grab my camera when I’m going out with the dog. I’ve noticed that although I love my iPhone the images aren’t exactly print quality. Well at least not to the quality I’m used to from my Nikon dSLR- even my 10 year old D200 produces some kick ass quality prints.  I’m not one to chase the ever-increasing pixel count or buy the biggest and best camera around. Mainly because as with all technology as soon as you buy it they’ll come out with something better.  Recently though I ‘ve been coveting some of the new cameras that are out there.  I’d love to upgrade my D200 with something like a D7200. I love that you can now upload your photos from your camera directly to your phone or to the cloud.  It’s like magic innit?

I’ve also been coveting some of the retro rangefinder cameras. Fujifilm have some really cute retro cameras that also happen to be awesome cameras. This weekend I’m mainly been looking at all the pretty on the internet. My favourite is the Fujifilm X100t- it’s soo cute and retro and it’s also a great camera. A couple of weeks ago I went to an HP event where we talked about printing photos and getting them out of our phones. It really hit home as I haven’t printed anything in a couple of years. While looking at ALL THE Pretty I found that Fujifilm have a range of instant cameras.



Oh em gee how cute are they?? I can image they’d be the perfect thing to have on a night out with friends or at a party.

What are you coveting right now?

Instax mini 25


Instax Mini 90 

X100t leather case 

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  1. Camera Inventory
    May 7, 2015 /

    Those are an interesting set of cameras. I wonder if they’ll gain in popularity. If I start to see people using these that would be cool.