Quick Crafting: Ocean Views

 This month’s Bostik Bloggers theme was ocean – it got me thinking of our summer holidays and spending it by the seaside. We made a cute little picture of the some of the things we’d like to see.


April Bostik

Step One: 
Collect all your bits, for this I used blue card, some yellow sand, crabs felt and other sea themed bits, Bostik blu stick and Bostik glue dots.

Step Two: 
Decide how much of the card you want to be sand, using the blu stick  and scatter the sand over the still “wet” glue. 

Step Three: 
Add the ocean themed felt ‘bits’ with the glue dots. I found a yellow button and used a glue dot to stick that to the blue card.
Step Four: 
there isn’t one- just enjoy!