Good Eats: Dieting


It’s all a bit of a muddle to me at the moment and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed about what I need to do.  Well, I mean I know what I need to do- eat less and move more. That is soo much easier said than done as we all know.

Since last year I’ve gained 2 stone and I’m ridiculously close to gaining the almost 4 stone I lost a few years ago.  I need to put a stop to the slow slide upwards but I’m struggling.  I think about food all.the.time.  It’s wearing me down and bumming me out because I can’t stop snacking and basically eating too much.

Things I’m doing to try to stop the slide;

drinking more water. I’m chronically dehydrated because I just forget to drink (never forget to eat though!)

joined weight watchers. It worked for me once!

Eating fruit and veg. For obvious reasons.

Cooking from scratch.

What I feel I should be doing is exercising more and not snack.  Do I think I’ll be able to do it? I don’t know but all I can do is try and remind myself that I’ve done it beore and I can damn well do it again.





  1. June 1, 2015 /

    I’ve never rejoined weight watchers but on many occasions I’ve used their food diary again to get myself back on track. Snacking itself isn’t really an issue, it’s what you snack on. I’m a snacker, a permanent grazer, I try to graze on veg when I’m struggling to get my weight back down again. celery and carrots mostly. I chop lots and lots of them and store them in tubs and eat and eat and eat them (they are both free on the original ww plan), bean sprouts too and salad leaves. Admittedly it gets dreadfully boring and almost sickly but if I can’t control that urge to eat I will at least force myself to eat a ‘free food’.

  2. June 1, 2015 /

    I am EXACTLY the same- it’s like a compulsion to snack! I think you’re right- off to the shops in the morning and stock up on veggie snacks. I think the issue is I’ve been allowing things in the house that I know I won’t be able to resist- peanut butter and crisps- even though the crisps are WW it’s still pointy isn’t it?
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