Minions Corn Dog Muffins

I try to bake with Squidge as much as possible, her dad and I think instilling a love of baking and cooking is an important skill to have. We both love to cook and are proud to say Squidge is building up a nice collection of dishes she can make with very little help from us.

Her favourite thing to bake is her brownies and she’s now teaching her friends to make it as well.

Squidge and Krishna


This past weekend I had a craving for some corn muffins, it might have been brought on by the delivery of 8 tins of Green Giant corn.  I was challenged to make a Minions inspired recipe using sweet corn.  At first I thought making corndogs would be great- I mean they’re practically minion shaped! I then thought better of it- deep frying a hot dog dipped in batter wouldn’t do my waistline any good! Then I remembered corn dog muffins!  Corn muffins and corn dogs- the two separately are awesome but together it’s all kinds of awesome!!

minions corn dog

minions corn dog muffins top


Minions corn bread muffin recipeI used a garlicky mayo, black olives and gherkins for the eyes-  it worked really well as the corn dog muffin is savoury.

Minions Corn dogs 3



This recipe is part of the Tots100/Foodies100 #GreenGiantMinions Challenge – Follow the hashtag on Twitter to see all the other entries