Lunchboxes, what’s in yours?


Squidge loves the few weeks before school breaks up for the summer.  Not because the days are longer or that the days are  (allegedly)  warmer.  It’s because she loves going on packed lunches. I HATE packed lunches as it’s just one more thing I have to remember to do in the morning and that little bit more shopping I have to remember!  So, as a compromise I tell her she can switch to packed lunches for the last few weeks of school.  Cue happy dancing!

But, you see, I am a worrier by nature.  I fret that her lunchbox isn’t good enough and that she’s going to go hungry.  What do you put in your kids lunch box that will be healthy while not being too boring? Am I feeding her too much?

petit filous

Squidge’s lunch box includes:

  • Ham sandwich
  • tuna and sweetcorn
  • orange/apple/grapes
  • sliced cucumbers
  • cherry tomatoes
  • crisps/popcorn
  • chocolate (handful of buttons)
  • Petits Filous

I worry that one, I’m giving her too much food and two, that it’s not a well balanced meal.  Should I skip the chocolate buttons? They’re dark chocolate and she only gets about 5.  How about the crisps? I think a sandwich isn’t a sandwich without crisps.  The Petits Filous? She eats two of them for breakfast- a little pot of it and a frube. She’s eaten that for breakfast almost every day of her life. When I think about it, it’s probably the one constant in her diet!

For lunch I usually pop a frozen Frube in her lunch box and by the time lunch rolls around it’s defrosted but still chilled- perfect.  We do struggle with her opening the little tubes, at home I cut them open for her.

The new pouches by Petits Filous comes w/ the resealable cap and it’s perfect- I can still freeze them and I don’t have to worry about her struggling to open them up.

Safe to say I won’t be leaving these out of her lunch box.

When I look at what I put in her lunchbox every day I think the crisps will be the ones to get cut and everything else is just a little bit better for her nutritionally and I think my hang up with having crisps with a sandwich shouldn’t be something I pass on to her.


What do you guys think?  Am I feeling her too much?