Three-tiered mini rainbow sprinkle cake


It’s a tradition in our house that you can have cake for breakfast on your Birthday- most of us don’t take up the offer but when you’re turning nine having cake for breakfast on your birthday is just about the best thing ever!



in focus sprinkles cake


This year I didn’t really want to have cake hanging around the house so I went on Pinterest- as you do! I found an image for a mini three-tiered cake and knew that was the one I was going to make.  There wasn’t a recipe to follow but I thought it looked straight forward enough.  I made a basic chocolate sponge- I cut out 3 different rounds, iced it and added sprinkles.  It was really simple and the cake really did have a WOW factor.


mini sprinkles cake collare


super simple chocolate sponge cake


After I made the sponge I needed to cut out the 3 tiers. I used those scone cutters to cut them to size, I used store bought frosting (it was going to be covered up w/ the sprinkles).

Now how do you add the sprinkles to the cake without making a mess?

I poured all the sprinkles on a small serving tray and then rolled the frosted cake in the sprinkles. It was a little messy but nothing washing my hands after rolling each layer couldn’t sort out.

I have a weakness for cake stands and found a mini one on clearance at Sainsbury’s a while back- I couldn’t resist it! I had no idea what I was going to do with it but that didn’t matter.  When I decided to make Squidge a mini three tiered rainbow sprinkles cake I knew my little cake stand was going to come into it’s own- I was soo right!