Hiive; a network for creatives



I discovered Hiive when I went to BlogCamp and was invited to join and look around.  My initial impression of the website has been positive; Hiive does what it says on the tin, it brings people together. 

The thing with working from home is that you don’t have the opportunity to network and get the word out that  you’re looking for work.  This is where Hiive steps in and fill the gap that lack of watercooler or after work drinks leaves behind.

The thing I love about Hiive the most is that it’s is a website that offers tools for creative professionals.

What is Hiive? 

Hiive is really easy to use and you can create your profile in minutes!  If you’re looking for a job you can filter by industry, contract term, hours, job level, salary, and distance. You can find all the Vacancies here.

Keeping along with the hiive/bee theme the site has Swarms which are basically collaborative gorups.   Swarms allow users to collaborate on projects.  It  bringing together members and really helps with the community feel.

I also love the Knowledge section, it’s filled with tips from professionals- a great bonus!