My Weekend Moments


I love the weekends, but then again who doesn’t? For me it’s a time when I try not to open up my laptop because I know if I do I might lose 2 or 3 hours answering this email or finishing up this spreadsheet.  Here at Squidgyboo we love to spend time just hanging around, drinking coffee and snoozing on the sofa. There’s the dog to walk, fruit & veg to pick up and a trip to the butchers to make.

us feet

It’s all pretty mundane, the things we do but oh how I love it. Squidge is now 9 yrs old and oh so grown up. I can see the adult she’s going to become and I can feel time slipping away and soon she’ll be hanging out with friends and will be entirely too busy to hang out with boring old Mum & Dad.

Until that happens I’m going to savour her coming into bed with us in the morning for snuggles and her taking our hand while she regails us with one of her fantastical stories.

My favourite weekend day is Sunday mornings- all the errands we needed to take care of are done and it’s waffles or pancakes and crispy bacon and buttery toast and endless pots of coffee and lazily reading the newspaper or watching silly cat videos someone has posted on Facebook. It’s a day filled with tidying up the house or puttering around the garden or a long walk with our water and mud obsessed dog.

Simon & Dobby

What’s your favourite weekend moment? 

Boo & Garner


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