Cha-cha-changes… or maybe not


I’ve been thinking, ruminating, stressing and thinking some more about some changes that I have to make.  I feel like I’m getting an ulcer over all the thinking I’ve done or maybe I’m just being a drama queen, only time will tell!

Wal and I are good, it’s not that! Squidge is good too, if you were wondering.

It’s just that over the last 2 years things have changed and I am now being asked to contribute a bit more financially. This is fair enough and I’m more than happy to step up.  Squidge doesn’t need me as much, she’s in school all day and sitting at home doing nothing isn’t my thing.

The job I have now is one I love, for all its stress I do love it.  It’s just that it’s not a full-time job and I kind of need a full-time job. I’ve made some wonderful friends and have had some seriously good laughs but laughs ain’t gonna pay the bills.

So I think I’m going to look for a second part-time job (or as much as I’d hate it a full-time job) but the question is what? What can I do? What am I qualified to do? I’ve worked in social media for a few years but I don’t have any formal qualification in marketing.  I need to figure out what skills I have and how that could translate into another opportunity.  Is there something else I can do along with my current job so that together I’m working full-time? Should I just try to get a job at a call centre brainless but steady work?  How about an estate agent as sad as that sounds I think it would be my dream job.

When I was in the US I had a defined career path, I had my psychology degree and I was working in a group home w/ adults with mental illness. I loved that job.  It wasn’t great when the toilet overflowed and I had to mop up shit  but hey every job has its drawbacks! I’d been offered the chance to become a house manager (there was a fancy title but that was it in a nutshell) and I turned it down because I knew I was moving to England.  Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I had stayed in the US, if I had made Simon move instead of me moving.

As it is I’m fully settled here. Squidge is as English as can be and Simon’s parents aren’t getting any younger so there’s no way we can move to the US, at least not for the foreseeable future.

So here I am a middle-aged mum at a crossroads trying to figure out what to do with my life. I feel like such a cliché!