Creepy Crawly Halloween Craft


Bostik Spider

This is a really simply craft to do with kids, as long as they  know how to use scissors .

What you’ll need:

  • Black plate
  • 2 small black pompoms
  • 4 black pipe cleaners
  • 2 inch piece of ric rac
  • Bostik Glu
  • Bostik Glu Dots

Creepy Crawly craft


What you do:

Step One:
Using the Bostik glue stick the small pompoms to the plate for eyes.

Step Two:
Glue the ric rac to the plate for the mouth.

Step Three:
Cut the pipe cleaners in half, bend the bottom inch of each one.

Step Four:
Using the glu dots attach the pipe cleaners to the back of the plate.

Step Five:
Use some blu tack and stick it to the wall.

This was such a fun and easy craft to do and it really game Squidge a great boost of confidence with her crafting.