Go ahead and play with your food!

sushieyesAs kids, we were taught not to play with our food because it’s wasteful and disrespectful to the people who prepared it. Food should always be treated with respect, and kids should learn this at an early age.

There is, however, an exception to this rule. If you’re an adult and responsible enough to combine playing with cooking, here’s an interesting idea: food bingo! No, you’re not going to give your food as a prize to the winner of a bingo game (although that’s an awesome idea that you can also try); you’re going to create new recipes with the help of food bingo. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous in the kitchen, here’s a game that you can try.

Bingo Recipe Creation Game

Bingo is a game that continues to evolve. In the past the game centered on daubing printouts while listening to the caller’s voice for hours on end, today’s bingo, however is much different. It can be customized depending on the person’s imagination. Gala Bingo, one of the biggest gaming providers in the UK, says that it makes its games “distinctive with its own visual flavour, immersive sound experience, and with eye-catching themes.” You can do what Gala does, too, in your very own kitchen by customizing the centuries-old game to brainstorm new recipes.

To begin playing, you first have to print out blank bingo cards. You can find patterns on some free bingo sites like Bingo Baker and Print Bingo. You don’t need to use bingo balls in the game. Instead, you can use crumpled (or folded) pieces of paper that contain some of the most basic ingredients in your pantry: salt, chicken breast, mangoes, chili, creme fraiche, lemons, or whatever it is that you can find in your kitchen. You can use, as many ingredients as you want, just make sure that each has a unique ingredient written on it. When you’re done, put the papers in a box.

Now, to play the game: draw one piece of paper from the box, unfold or un-crumple it, and jot down what’s inside in any of the blank boxes of the bingo card. Keep drawing pieces of paper and writing ingredients until there’s no more space on the card. Now, to pick which ingredients you’ll use in your dish, you must first decide on a bingo pattern according to Nationwide Bingo and use all of the ingredients under it. If you’ve decided to go with a pyramid pattern, block of 6, X, box, horizontal, you must use the ingredients inside those patterns. No matter how ridiculous the combinations get, try making a dish out of them as it can spark creativity and help you overcome challenges in the kitchen.

If you’ve tried this game and have created a new, wonderful dish because of it, please share it in the comments section!


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