Letting go with TK Maxx & Cancer Research UK



I’m sure I’m not the only one holding onto that pair of jeans, you know the pair you rocked about 10 years ago. They’re too small (but I’m going to lose weight, this time I mean it!) and they’re bell bottoms, the kind Joss Stone used to wear in ‘05 .  

Then I have my clothes from when I worked in an office, I’m still holding on to those- just in case I need to dress smart. I can’t get into them, and if I’m honest with myself I doubt I ever will and still I hold on to them.

Now is the perfect time to delve into your unworn clothes stash and donate your unwanted items to a great cause. This autumn, TK Maxx has teamed up with Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens for its Give up Clothes for Good campaign. What this means is you can bag up all your unwanted clothes, and take them into a local TK Maxx store all year long, and the items will be sold in Cancer Research UK shops to raise funds to help support children’s cancer. What could be better? 

If you haven’t already taken a bundle to your local TK Maxx store, why not? Did you know that if every UK household took just one bag of clothes and donated them, we’d save 25m rubbish bags from landfill AND raise £740m to help beat cancer. 

You can find your nearest TK Maxx store here: http://www.tkmaxx.com/store-locator/page/storelocator

Do you have a stash of unworn clothes at home? Could you give them up for good?