Office Makeover

desk makeover

Last year I moved out of  my bunker like office and moved into Wal’s office.  Yes, I basically kicked him out of his office. In my defence he never used the office and spent most of his days working in the living room or the kitchen table. In the meantime I was in the cold and ugly spare bedroom-so he got the boot!

The room had been decorated when we’d turned it into Squidge’s bedroom but then she moved into one of the bigger bedrooms when we realised she never used her playroom (the bunker/guest bedroom) and well we basically had a big re-jig of the house.  I went into the bunker, Wal went into Squidge’s old room and Squidge went into what was the guest bedroom.
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Considering he never used the room I decided a takeover and makeover was in order.  Now that I have the office exactly the way I want it to look I need to kit it out with some items from the Post Office Shop and I especially love these desk accessories– I bet it would increase my productivity x10!