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This past week Wal and I have been working on a meal plan.  Not being much for planning this is a big step for us but we’re all getting really bored of baked chicken with a side of veg or spaghetti bolognese or fish curry- mix and repeat! So out came the cookbooks and magazines and we planned our meals as well as made a shopping lists.  It took a while but I hope this will help with time management and save a few pennies.

Recently it feels like I’m chasing my tail, have 8 balls in the air at one time and I have a serious case of the grumps.  I’m not a fun person to be with especially when I don’t have time for breakfast. So as you can image not having time for breakfast isn’t an option. I’m always trying to find healthy ways to fit in breakfast. If I have all the time in the world (ha!) my go to breakfast is a warming bowl of porridge with a handful of fruit and a drizzle of honey. Everyday but Sunday when we sit down for brunch and it’s all about the pancakes (or waffles) drizzled with maple syrup and eggs with bacon and sausages and healthy eating goes right out the window!

When it’s one of those run out of the house w/out even brushing my hair (thank god for hats) kind of mornings then it’s usually fruit. The problem with fruit is that I’m usually starving my 10am and then it’s all about bad food choices!  

As we were doing our meal planning last week what popped through my door? A lovely hamper filled with some lovely belVita breakfast goodies! OK, it didn’t really pop through my door as much as it was carried in by me!  belVita have just launched a new range of their breakfast biscuits.   They instantly became a huge hit in our family, Wal gobbled one up almost as soon as I opened the hamper.  They’re available in three flavours, Red Berries, Golden Grain and Chocolate Chips. They’re the perfect size when I’m running out the door and I want something a bit more substantial than fruit (filled with vitamin B6,magnesium and iron) and they’re only 5 propoints so totally weight watchers friendly- a #morningwin


Do you meal plan? We’re looking for healthy family friendly ideas- please share if you have any!


I was supplied with some belVita Breafast Soft Bakes along with a cute hamper of things to help out when it’s an on the run kind of morning. 







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  1. October 28, 2015 /

    I’m also the grumpiest person on earth when I don’t have breakfast, but I also find I simply don’t have the time to feed myself before the school run most days… if I did, I don’t think the 4 kids would be fed and dressed in time to leave the house. Love belVita, you can just have it on the go.
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