Creamy mashed potatoes- simply Clover

It probably comes as no surprise that I love food (looks around blog) and I love simple, wholesome foods.  During the week it’s a bit of a hustle to get a home cooked meal on the table when we’re running around walking dogs, making sure homework is done and piano practice happens. 

clover sp mash

I like to keep delicious and healthy foods in the house so that I’m not tempted to phone for a Chinese takeaway or pop to the shops for a ready meal.  I’m always disappointed as I think my food is better.  One of the things I’d stopped stocking was margarine. I’d rather have the calories and not all the nasty artificial junk.  I also gave up artificial sweetener- now that was a BIG deal!  

clover mashIf you had told me when I was giving up all the artificial nasties that I’d but some butter spread I’d have told  you that you were on crack. Isn’t spread, margarine or whatever you want to call it the anti-christ? Well it looks like the answer is no!  If you look at the ingredients list you’ll see that it’s all natural ingredients.- colour me shocked! 

I added it to a few of our weekly meals to see if anyone would notice the  difference and they didn’t so I think we’ll add this to our kitchen staples, maybe not all the time but it’s not the big baddie I thought it was.


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This post is sponsored by Clover. All opinions are mine alone.