Comfort food: Rankin Selection Irish Family Sausages


When I was growing up the concept of comfort food wasn’t one I was familiar with, you just ate what was put on the table.  The usual fair was wholesome and filling and comforting.  I think it’s been the increase in cookery shows that has seen an increase in foods we call comfort foods.  Not having grown  up in the UK sausages weren’t a big feature in my life but it’s one I’ve embraced wholeheartedly since becoming an expat.  The folks behind the Paul Rankin sausages were in touch a few weeks ago about his new sausages. Paul has teamed up with renowned artisan Irish food producer, Finnebrogue, to develop a new range of sausages – the Rankin Selection Irish Family Sausage – which has been crafted to his own traditional authentic Irish recipe.

Paul’s campaign to ‘Save Our Sausage’ and ensure the humble sausage remains at the heart of family meal times. This is on the back of commissioned research which found that time at the dinner table is dwindling – the average British family spends just 25 minutes per day at the table eating together, despite this being the time that families get to spend the best quality family time together.

We’re big on sitting down as a family so research like this always makes me a bit sad. I think that there will be plenty of time to eat alone- Squidge will be flying the coop soon enough!  With the run up to Christmas things are always a bit mad so when we found ourselves a bit short on time I thought it would be the perfect time to try out the Ranking Selection of Irish family sausages.  I have to say we were all very impressed. The sausages were very tasty and had very little fat.  We all agreed that we would find their way into regular rotation at our dinner table.

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